About the Journal

Aksioma Al-Musaqoh : Journal of Islamic Economics and Business Studies managed by the Islamic Economics Study Program STAI La Tansa Mashiro Rangkasbitung. Published twice a year, in June and December.

P-ISSN : 2721-2947   |   E-ISSN : 2797-3816

The journal focuses on providing quality research in Islamic economics, banking and finance. This journal aims to cover topics that are important in modern Islamic economics and finance. The language used is Indonesian. The editor invites researchers, lecturers, reviewers, industry practitioners and observers to contribute.

The Aksioma Al-Musaqoh Journal focuses on the main issues in the development of Islamic economics and business in the form of conceptual thoughts/ideas and the results of their studies include: Islamic Philanthropy (Zakat, Infaq, Shodaqoh and Waqf), Islamic Business Ethics, Islamic Entrepreneurship, and Islamic Banking and Finance.